Our consultants are experts in their field.

With exceptional academic credentials alongside a wealth of life science experience, they provide bespoke consultancy tailored to your requirements including advice, guidance, training, analysis and technical expertise. We have consultants across a range of areas including PV, regulatory, QA, clinical, project management, statistics, programming, data management and medical writing that provide ad-hoc support for specific requirements, giving you the flexibility to utilise their expertise at critical points in the study.

Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to support clients with complex studies or requirements, as well as the ability to rescue studies to ensure they’re able to continue.

Our consultant network is based throughout Europe and the US, comprising of consultants who can be office based or remote, have the ability to travel and have a range of language skills, enabling us to provide resources that meet your exact requirements.

Our areas of expertise, view a selection of some of our consultant profiles: